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Voice Search

Voice Search

In 2014 the way people use to search information online was different. Till the first quarter of 2012 only 20% search queries generated from mobile but within 2 years 20% increased to 55% and it still growing.

In 2017 58% of all Google searches were mobile and 25% of the total mobile search generated from voice search. Google is expecting to grow the voice search above 50% before 2020. It is growing rapidly and it will change the way search engine crawl any website content. Google is working hard though it’s already helping a lot of people save time. Google already launched its personal assistant, Google Home. Google is leading way with Siri but still experimenting to deliver more useful results for voice search queries.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Many webmasters and digital marketers are raising one question “Is traditional SEO is good enough for Voice Search?”

To optimize your website for voice search you need to follow few tricks. The voice search will have huge impact on the way online marketers do the SEO activities. Voice search queries are different from typical keyword search.
Do you remember “The Hummingbird” Update? That’s the game changer for the voice search. With semantic context marketers had to refine their content strategy. A Long tail keyword plays a better role than any specific keyword. Google is now more concern about user experience and context become more important for real time search results.
How to optimize for Voice Search?

1. You won’t find phrases in keyword research tool that people speak while using voice search on mobile devices. Don’t use more long tail keywords in your content for voice search optimization. Voice search is like a two way conversation. SEO now needs to take a more conversational approach, and that means contents need to be updated to reach their audiences.

To optimize for voice search you need to think how your target audience speaks about any product and services. You need to think for question phrases. These phrases include conversational words like “How”, “What”, “When”, “Who” and “Where”.

You need to build content strategy to make sure it answers every question that a user asks to get to their required information. For a bigger website you can build a separate page for FAQ section and mention all the questions your audience frequently asks.

You can use as your keyword research tool to get ideas and suggestions for voice search optimization. When you type a keyword it will show you bunch of questions. You will get some idea about how your audience speaks and use it for your marketing funnel.

Try to use the filler words like “for” to make your question natural. That will also help you to increase your chances to appear on search results for voice search queries.

Example: What is the cost for air fare to Dubai?

2. According to a survey conducted in 2016, more than 20% people use voice search for finding local information. Local SEO plays a vital role for voice search optimization. Mobile voice search is much faster and shows real time local results than text search.

You need to use structured data vocabulary on your website. It helps search engine to understand the website content. It will also impact on your Click Through Rate. It is recommended to use additional microdata on your website to specify information about your location, website contents, code structures, HTML specifications which will help voice searchers to find answer in a better way.

You need to add business details like Proper address (Multiple addresses for branches), contact info, operating hours, product prices on Google my business page as well as other local directories.

You need to take care of your branding as your audience should have enough knowledge about your brand name otherwise you will lose business due to mispronunciation. Google is still working on voice accuracy as it serving 90%+ accuracy for all major platforms like Baidu, Google, Hound etc.

If you are concern about voice search optimization and want your website to appear for any voice search queries then start focus on your local SEO and start building content for answering questions ask by your audience rather than stuffing keywords into your important pages.

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